Coping with Depression the Right Way

Depression, what is depression? Depression is a mood disorder that leaves us feeling sad and confused usually resulting in no interest in anything you normally do or enjoy. 2020 has been a tough year and as a result most people are depressed. You may notice you don’t feel like yourself anymore, that everyday feels like an emotional and physical roller-coaster. If this sounds like you, you are depressed and that’s ok because we all go through our low points. What’s important is how you get it out of the right way!

During quarantine in Indiana you were knocked out of your daily routine, stressed out for numerous reasons. Not being able to see your friends & loved ones when they might be fifteen minutes away in Fishers, HSE, Carmel. Things you depended on for support were removed in an instance. Not being able to go to your favorite gym like Mei Fitness for example, this all added to your stress load. A lot of people resulted to substance abuse increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol and even narcotics. Lying in bed every day, gaining weight and letting your health slip away. The first step, now that the world is slowly going back in order is getting up and setting a goal! Set an alarm and wake up at the same time every day, this will keep you from being inconsistent, unproductive and sluggish.

Second be a morning warrior! When you wake up plan out your whole day and how you will take a step forward to be a little better. Set a goal to learn a new skill, read a new book, listen to a podcast, even decide to watch a new show these simple things will help you cope with stress & depression. Lastly, the most important tip is taking care of your body. Stretching and taking deep breathes when you feel down, meditating and reflecting on the positives in your life when the world feels like it is crashing down. With gyms open all across the area in Fishers, Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville you have no excuse to not exercise regularly and return to the gym you used to love. Whether that’s your local commercial gym or the best gym in town like MeiFitness. Exercising regularly with not only improve your mood, it’ll help your sleep, energy levels, and help you to improve your overall well-being and metal state. I hope these tips help you cope with depression the right way and get you back on track to a happy lifestyle!

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