May Newsletter

“The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”


This month I am incorporating a class that includes a series of High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT. What is HIIT, you ask? HIIT is a form of interval training with a combination of short periods of intense anaerobic (non-endurance) exercise with less intense recovery periods. So, in other words, you perform a short bout of high intensity exercise and then a low-intensity activity for a brief recovery time and repeat. We will have a HIIT specific class on Wednesday evenings that will last about 25 minutes followed by 25 minutes of stretching. Feel free to come for the whole class, just the HIIT part, or the stretching at the end!

Benefits of HIIT
HIIT is a great way to get an efficient workout in, in a short amount of time. High-intensity exercise in a short time, is just as beneficial, if not more, than moderate intensity exercise at a longer duration. A typical HIIT workout ranges from 10 to 30 minutes in duration. There are many benefits to HIIT but here are just a few:
1. Improves cardio fitness
2. Helps build lean muscle and drop fat
3. Can be done anywhere
4. Metabolic rate is higher for hours after exercise: Therefore, allows you to burn more calories at rest
5. No equipment required
6. Varied workouts prevent boredom
7. Reduces heart rate, blood sugary levels, and blood pressure
8. 30 minutes or less!

“Our present sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us.” ~Romans 8:18

Mistakes to Avoid
– Not increasing the intensity
– Skipping the warm-up
– Making the workout too long
– Not taking rests
– Doing it too often: beginners should start with once a week
– Implementing isolation workouts

What to do:
30 to 60 seconds of high intense exercise followed by 10-30 seconds of rest, repeating exercises for a total of 10-30 minutes.

Class Descriptions
Guts and Butts
Join in on this extreme, yet fun class that focuses on your abs and glutes to have you feeling ready to bring on the summer months.
Boot Camp
Participate in this intense class that will have your whole body moving and active throughout the course of the hour. We will work on all major muscle groups as well as the little ones that most often get left out!
Lower Body
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape your hips, glutes, and thighs in this exhilarating class that will have your legs burning for more!
Stretch it Out
Stretching should be an important part of every day. Join in on our stretching class to help relieve any sore muscles and learn ways to stretch on your own to help improve your flexibility.
HIIT/Stretch it Out
Be sure to join in on our weekly HIIT Class that incorporates 25 minutes of High-intense exercise followed by 25 minutes of stretching and relaxation!
Interval Stations
This class will follow a similar pattern to the HIIT class but at a moderate intensity to allow us to go the full hour without fatiguing too quickly!
Booty Ballet
Join in on this moderate intensity, booty burning class that will also help improve your balance by incorporating exercises that will have you feeling as graceful as a ballerina!
Tank Top Arms
Enjoy a class that will give your legs a break and tone those arms for tank top season as we hit the major muscles as well as those small ones that tend to get neglected!