Primed for 50!!!

Mei Fitness member “Gwen Scaman” is turning 50 and looking better than ever. After battling a real addiction to sugar all of my life, eating junk, trying every fad diet and never working out, I decided that it was time to change for good. Four and a half years ago, I transformed my body from the inside out through eating clean (non-processed foods) and weight training. My consistent migraines went away along with forty pounds. I learned how to shop, cook, and eat “correctly” which had been a guessing game before. Making the commitment has truly been life changing. I view food as my fuel now and not my entertainment. My new way of eating, combined with weight training, sculpted my body in a way that I never thought was possible. At 49 years old, I’m now training to compete in an NPC figure competition. I have never felt better in my whole life, mentally and physically.

Because of my passion for health and fitness, it has lead to a complete career change. Last year I launched a fitness apparel company called Krusht Gear and travel to fitness/bodybuilding expos throughout the Midwest.
You’re never too old to change how you treat your body. Trust me, it will thank you. 😉

Gwen Scaman