Television is extra – don’t let it dictate your life

Relationship with TV

Right now, I would like you to take truthful inventory on the hours you watch TV each day. This includes the news in the morning, the TV in the break room at work, and your favorite evening shows. Now multiply this by 7 (days). Take this number and multiply it by 52 (weeks in a year). Now take this total number calculated and divide by 24 (hours). This is your amount of time spent in a given year on television. I will let you decide by your reaction if the number is low, average, or high.

Pretty crazy how those hours begin to add up over time? Those mere minutes and hours soon have taken away days, weeks, or months of your life in which you will never get back. Was the reality filled drama television show worth the life in minutes, hours, days, or even months that it took? Or did the show add depth to your already rich life?

TV is not essential, it is extra. Yes, you can survive without watching it or even having one. But, is that necessary for everyone? No. Does your schedule have your weekly shows programmed into their time slots each week? Do you ever fret that you might miss these appointments, and if so you plan accordingly to record them so you don’t miss them?
We take an extreme amount of care and attention to these shows, but often neglect the main character in our own sitcom, ourselves.

Often times people say they “don’t have time to do ____” but what they really mean is that they haven’t made the time. You make the time for what is most important in life. If your TV time is important to you, it will be squeezed into your calendar. But, don’t use the excuse “I’m too busy to workout, cook, live my dream, connect, live a healthy lifestyle, etc” if your schedule allows time for endless hours of television. Remember television isn’t an essential element to survival. It’s a form of entertainment, but not something that should be stealing your own life away from you.

If your inventory number was outrageous, it’s okay. Simply begin to cut out some of your time spent on your least favorite shows, sports teams, etc, and begin to fill in those time slots with items on your bucket list, daily to-do list, healthy lifestyle list, or list of goals that may have been put on the back burner due to time spent with the TV.

Remember you were given an enormous gift of life to do with it as you please. Please use it with the greatest care, and don’t simply watch others pursue their dreams from the couch. Bottom line, TV is extra and it is beneficial in moderation. Again, it’s all about balance, so don’t let it dictate YOUR life. Simply take inventory and make changes accordingly to fit YOUR lifestyle, goals, and dreams!

Have the best FUEL-filled day ever!

Megan Church
CEO of MangoFuel LLC