Zumba At Fishers

“Hit the ground running” is what I hear some say. “Be like NIke and Just Do It!” I hear others say. Well for me every morning when I wake I like to take the time to meditate and confess positive affirmations over myself. Whichever way you like to start your day, the question is do you have a goal. Is there something you have been planning to start and just haven’t made the serious commitment to start.

Let me challenge you today!!!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe a German writer and statesman wrote in 1749 “what is not started today will never be finished tomorrow.” So if your unchartered goal is in health and fitness, let Mei Fitness and their team help you make the first step today.

We have many group fitness classes on the roster and today 6/20/16 We will be adding Zumba for all to come and try. First class can be free and non members can try the class for $5 until 7/4/16. After 7/4/16 You can choose one of the very affordable member packages to join Mei Fitness and all classes will be included with the decided membership.

Just remember it’s time to STOP TALKING! and START WALKING!

We hope to see you soon with a lot of drive and enthusiasm to make the first step in becoming the best you you can be…

Sincerely Zumba Instuctor LDonna 800-479-6710