What drives you to the gym? Is your workout just another item to check off the daily to-do list? So many beginners who approach fitness with this workout mentality ultimately fail. The people who succeed in their fitness goals make the leap from “working out” to “living fit.” It becomes a personal value — a way of life — that they take to the gym and incorporate into everything they do. If they miss a day at the gym, they really miss it.

Exercise doesn’t just happen on the elliptical or in Zumba class. Weights aren’t mandatory. The choices we make define us. When you truly value physical activity, you will make the more active choice in every decision:

• Take the stairs.
• Opt for the shovel over the snowblower.
• Roughhouse more with the kids.

When fitness is perceived as a chore, it zaps your energy. But when you internalize movement as something you value, you feel proud doing it. Just this shift in thinking can make all the difference to you and those around you. Another bonus: being active and present in your life and relationships can have a ripple effect that’s very powerful. If we all made this shift in thinking, just imagine how different the world could be.