Mei Fitness Journey

My fitness journey in the gym started in high school, growing up I was always the skinny fat kid hating my body image and wanting to look like all the other normal kids in school. Freshman year I joined the football team. Never playing before but thinking that this will get me in shape, this will help me get girls his will help me look good and have abs. Now did I lose weight yes did I lift weights no. While all my friends signed up for weightlifting class, I was one of the only freshman football players who did not know to sign up or how it would benefit me. Because of this I was already behind everyone else. Sophomore through senior year I started weightlifting and going to the gym after school. Doing two a days and quickly responded to the training. I started to fall in love with the process seeing my body change day to day. After graduating Avon high school, I went to college at Indiana University Bloomington majoring in art and animation. I had stopped working out after football losing all desire to go to the gym as I no longer had a goal, I no longer had a coach. That was my first mistake the transition to college had me failing myself drinking eight Pepsi’s a day, eating pizza, burgers and tacos from the food court every day. It was so easy with no parents, no one telling you what to do and an unlimited meal plan. As you can guess I quickly gained weight by October of my freshman year, I was disgusted with how I felt and looked in the mirror. I started learning about bodybuilding watching generation iron every day, following workout pages like flex Lewis, Steve cook, the online coach, and the Hodge twins on YouTube. Using my fitness pal everyday and going to the gym at the IU rec center. Within two months I lost twenty-three pounds dropping from 170 to 147. I became satisfied with where I was at and the distraction began to affect me. Sophomore year I switched majors to exercise science with the desire to become a personal trainer, my own boss, and a future gym owner. My vision and work ethnic were solely focused on accomplishing this, I told myself Id go to the gym everyday and compete in bodybuilding one day to reach this goal. That one day I would be the trainer, the coach helping people changes their lives. Yet I did not stay hungry, I did not keep that same dedication to the gym. Over the next few years until graduating in 2020 I continually failed myself, and the people who supported me. I was partying drinking my calories as I had joined a frat my sophomore year. Eating out multiple times a week after a night of drinking. Eating out with friends and girlfriends and the inconsistency of gaining twenty pounds and losing twenty pounds began. I also started boxing at the local boxing gym in Bloomington, training for golden gloves every day. I lost twenty pounds again, felt and look good and I was satisfied when won my fight. Yet I was stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting constantly cutting because I wanted abs, I wanted to look good, but I was not doing the work. I was not applying the knowledge I had, binge eating on junk and candy telling myself its just one meal, I can burn it off with cardio. I looked the same, I looked the same for five years of school and it was not only frustrating, but I was disappointing myself. I wanted to make a change to apply myself and not be average I was ready to go then quarantine hit. Gyms were closed down, I had no outlet no gym to go to, I had bought some weights and a barbell and sure I worked out, I boxed at home shadowing boxing, running and jump roping for cardio. But my nutrition and diet continued to be the problem as my willpower was weaken, my determination lacking. I kept choosing momentary satisfaction of comfort food over the effects it would have on my body and goals. I was depressed, I was miserable my mental health began to collapse. How would I be successful in my career as a personal trainer, how would I get a job at a gym, how would I reach my fitness and bodybuilding goals when I do not look the part. I hate hypocrites’ trainers who do not follow the information they tell their clients to apply. May twenty fifth when Indianapolis gyms opened back up, I drove an hour from Bloomington to Plainfield everyday to workout at Planet fitness. The one gym taking memberships at the time. After losing the gym for two three months during the darkest period of my life, my determination to be the best version of myself imploded! Everything

clicked I knew my knowledge was powerful and I began applying it every day. Following the diet, training hard, making no excuses telling myself to take advantage of every hour of every day. Taking care of your body and reaching your health and fitness goals is a 24-hour job. I held myself accountable and began focused on learning something new every day, not just in health and fitness but to develop myself and my mind. I had already lost eight to ten pounds over a month, yet I still looked like all my old out of shape pictures. I signed up at Mei Fitness fishers on June 26th and my transformation truly started to show. The atmosphere at Mei fitness gym kept me focused, kept me determined to be the best and to remind myself of my vision and the goal I was chasing. I started to see the results of all the hard work I was putting in. Training in the morning, doing cardio after my training session and at the end of the day. Focused on being happy with the version of myself I wanted to see in the mirror. My friends took notice, the owner of Mei fitness took notice, and I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to work at Mei fitness. A gym I had been going to since high school, my dream job to reach my fitness and entrepreneurship goals. My mindset changed and I am doing what I need to do today and everyday in the gym and life. Do not wait five years like I did to figure it out, do not want until tomorrow, start today! Since joining Mei fitness gym not only as a member but as an employee I have lost another ten to twelve pounds! I am happier than ever, fulfilled to be doing what I love, chasing my dreams, and helping as many people as I can in their fitness journey. Come to Mei fitness gym in fishers, Southport, and keystone today.