I’ve been in the fitness arena for most of my life. I’ve noticed how competitive it can be. When we are young we can be prone to think working out is mostly about body appearance and beauty. What we do not look at is the simplicity of growing older. We are young!! Why think about the future?

Well because, one day you’ll wake up in your 50’s or 60’s and think where am I? But not in the “what place is this”. It will be the, where am I; emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. You may ask yourself, “where has the time gone?’, “Am I happy?”, “Do I have inward peace with myself and those around me?”. And right now you may be asking why is this relevant to me? Well because, what you do now in your 20’s and 30’s, paves the way for when you reach your 50’s and up.

As we grow older life tends to humble us so deeply. You start to look back at things that seemed so important, that is now nonsense. You will think you wasted that time, caring for something of much less importance to you now. But the truth is, we grow older to experience things that matter and in time do not. Our values change, our importance on things, change. Our understanding of situations change, and we are able to apply them. Our lives are spent learning how to love, to be brave, to stand tall in your faith, and how to be a help to others. The lives we live grow like the Redwood Tree. They grow 12 to 24 inches per year, according to an article by Sarah Moore. Reading this made me believe that we are similar due to our constant change, and constant growth. We grow within ourselves and in others, never not learning more about the language of the world.

Looks disappear, it becomes more focused on how you feel. Time slips away so quickly and thats why the now matters. How you take care of yourself now will determine your future. None of us stay young and beautiful. However, beauty isn’t all skin. It’s the heart that really catches the attention of others. Are you building relationships with the people around you? Are you eating what your body needs, nutrition wise? Are you giving your body the exercise that it needs every day? It might not be your passion but doing something, anything, can increase your overall satisfaction within your life.

My goal is to inspire others, as well as to feel comfortable in my own skin. My aspirations also include having a love for something that is so good for me that I can carry throughout life. This is one outlet for all emotions and a way to be healthy in the future. I want to feel good on all levels when that day comes when I am in my 50s. I want to wake up and thank myself for what I have been doing all my life to be where I will be in 30 some years.

I challenge you to think about 5 ways to increase your living now, so that when you grow older you can have the quality of life you deserve. For example, a few changes to make could be, getting more active, drinking more water, eating things that are nutritious, complementing a stranger, or showing love to people around you because, there is a chain reaction when something so simple as a smile happens.

Peace and blessings!!

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-Adrienne Jackson, Wolfness Blog
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