New Apparel Coming to Mei Fitness!

It is no secret that compression and comfort are essential for a successful workout. A tighter fitting material increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscle groups being worked. Besides compression material being beneficial while you’re working out it prevents build-up of lactic acid which prevents soreness after a long night at the gym.
Here’s the breakdown:
Spandex (18%) wicks moisture, dries easily and is breathable.
Polyester (82%) wrinkle resistant and lightweight
66 Apparel is our go-to for all workout gear! If you need quality custom clothing, support local and check them out!
“We create quality garments with your logo or design. Provide your own graphics or just a rough idea, and Six Six will help you create the perfect look.  We have several imprinting methods: screen print, dye sublimation and embroidery.”
“Six Six is a youthful business centered on quality and hard work. We apply the Kaizen philosophy to all processes: continually improving in efficiency and caliber. The details matter to us. We keep our equipment free of ink-splatter and our floor shiny.  Each order is triple-checked for appearance and accuracy before it goes out. We are driven to make Six Six a leader in custom apparel.”
Personal trainers constantly stress the importance of going through full range of motion to get the best results from exercise. Wear workout gear that enables you to be the best you!
The right apparel doesn’t get in your way: If you run, cycle, do plyometrics or even yoga wearing tighter fitting clothing is your best bet. Our apparel regulates your body temperature during your workout so you can look and feel cool.

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