Prime Equipment at Mei Fitness

Do you feel like you’re stuck with the same ol’ machines and equipment at each gym you go to?
At Mei Fitness, we are always looking for the latest and greatest for our members. If you’ve ever wondered about the plate loaded machines throughout the gym that have pegs labeled “1”, “2”, and “3” here is the breakdown:
These machines come from Prime Equipment, and are beneficial to any type of workout you may choose.
SmartStrength Technology
Via “SmartStrength is a revolutionary built-in variable resistance technology. With SmartStrength, a user has the ability to move the peak resistance throughout the range of motion of an exercise. Meaning, a user can train a muscle in the shortened position (end of the motion), medial position (middle of the motion) or lengthened position (beginning of the motion). This manipulation of the strength curve means more muscle fiber recruitment, from origin to insertion. A game changer in strength training.”

Here are some benefits of the SmartStrength technology –
• Trains your muscle from origin to insertion
• Injury Prevention
• Improved range of motion
Next time you see a prime logo around the gym, give it a try to spice up your workout.
Some of the biggest names in the fitness industry use Prime Fitness such as Dana Linn Bailey, Ben Pakulski, and Mark Coles. We provide you with the essentials so you can see those results!
When choosing a gym, it is important to consider what types of tools and equipment you will be provided with, as this will be critical to your success. This equipment is applicable to all training styles and can benefit everyone. Give us a call to schedule a fitness orientation and see what other types of equipment we have to offer!