It’s been a while, so here’s a little #TransformationTuesday.
I know it‘s not the typical big transformation, keep reading 🙂
Last week I jumped into a detox with a group led by @alignmentnutrition because #DetoxDecember sounded like a good way to start the craziest month of the year.
I’ve had a lot of big things going on this year, especially these last few months. Stress levels have increased, workouts have decreased and life has gotten all around busier.
While focusing on getting other people healthier, I’ve put my health on autopilot while dozing off at the wheel here and there. Just surviving some days. I think y’all know what I’m talking about.
So…despite the chaos of the season, a reset is what I knew I needed.
The first two days were just shakes, lots of water, hot tea and a handful of mental battles. It’s been a while since I’ve fasted for more than 16 hours 🙂
The last 5 days included plant based meals with some meat at dinner. Protein stayed fairly high, nutrients were dense and self control came much easier.
I’ve had several people ask me about it. How do you feel? What did you think? Why did you do it?
Well…you know how when you’re struggling, all things hit at once?
When it rains, it pours? That happened 🙂
Going through the detox really allowed me to take a couple steps back and dig deeper into my thoughts, my habits and my patterns. To reassess why I eat or think certain things. On top of that, it helped my body get rid of lots toxins and inflammation while giving me a bigger dose of energy each day.
The pictures aren’t crazy exciting but I don’t care so much about that. It’s not always the number on the scale that yields the best transformation. It’s the change in patterns, habits and thoughts that really change our lives.
The physical transformation was 4lbs. Mostly inflammation 🙂
The mental strength was much greater 💪🏽
Thanks @alignmentnutrition for the support and letting me join in on the fun.
Thanks @equilibrium_nutrition for the great product that has given me much more energy.
And thanks to all y’all that read this far 🙂
Are you ready for a reset? To feel better? Got questions? Let’s talk!

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