Hello my beautiful people! So today I’m going to do something a little bit different and share with you my current favorite lower body workout I had at Mei Fitness just the other day. This blog will fill you in on several different pieces of equipment Mei Fitness supplies as well. Let me start by saying, I had NO CLUE what I’d be doing that day. I’d taken about a week off from being in the gym and working out in general while I was away for spring break.

I should say my body needed the rest. Resting is very important and in my case I had been pushing my body for several weeks creating new leg workouts that challenged me and push me to the edge. On a good week, I typically train legs three times. Monday (of course!!), Wednesday (if i’m not sore from Monday), and Friday or Saturday (whichever I feel up for). I’ll go into my workout split for a typical week in my next blog coming up. Anyway, lets get into this killer workout!!

I started my workout off with Glute activation exercises. These are very important!! I use bands in several of my activation exercises, not always only because I switch it up a lot. Glute activation helps with getting the muscles fired up and ready to be used in the main part of the workout. For these I did:

20 Standing Banded Abductor Lifts (each leg)
20 Standing Banded Kickbacks
5 min of light stretching
*First perk to Mei Fitness, they already have bands you can use in all the different strengths! So if you don’t want to spend the extra money to buy them, they are already within reach. However, I like to carry a set, just in case, with me!

To start off the workout I did a few compound movements superset with isolating movements. Compound movements work the whole body. Isolation, well you guessed it. They are specific to one or a couple muscles. Here I did:

3×10 BB Squats superset with Kneeling Leg Curls
*I can’t say I have seen this exact machine at any other gym I’ve worked out in but the kneeling Machine in Mei Fitness is one of my favorites. I did 10 reps on each leg!

Moving onto the next part of the workout, I did another superset, compound movement with an isolation exercise.

3×12 Sumo Deadlifts superset with Single Side Leg Press
* Mei has several different leg presses, all with amazing and smooth mobility.

I then went into a bit more movement to step up my sweat game. Don’t get me wrong I was sweating before but after this triset I was dripping!

Triset: 4x 12 Step-ups (using a Pre-Weighted BB), 20 Stiff Leg RDL’s (using the same Pre-Weighted BB), 15 Side-Lying Leg Lifts (using a 10LB plate)
*I did all of these pretty quickly, one after the other, and rested for about a minute in between sets. Again this got my sweat going big time!

My next lift was a superset of two really great basic exercises targeting Glutes. For these I used a 40LB pre-weighted BB.

Superset: 4×20 Close Stance DB RDL’s with 10 (each leg) Single Leg RDL’s
I then moved to the Smith Machine which I use for several of my exercises on leg days!

4×10 smith matchine Bulgarian split squats
*Mei Fitness has two of these machines and generally always open!

The next exercise is definitely a favorite! I generally try to do these once a week.

4×10 Cable Pull Throughs
* I used the split rope, each set increasing the weight by 10LB.

To finish off the workout I used “The Tank”, more commonly known as a sled, to push and pull. This was a great finisher because it completely burned me out!

5 pushes with pulls on the way back. So 10 push/pulls in total
*I had three 45LB plates on it and had my sister sit on it for the last two sets. With roughly 30-40 second rest between a full push/pull before the next set.

There ya go guys!! This workout was definitely a killer! I couldn’t walk that night nor two days afterwards! Heck I’m still sore! If you feel brave and need something that will bust your butt, do this and let me know how it goes!! I hope y’all enjoy it!

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