Benefits of Group Training

Have you ever felt a lack of motivation while working out?
Sometimes it’s easier to accomplish your fitness goals when you have like-minded people doing the same things you are. Having other people around makes you want to push yourself harder – a positive instance of peer pressure!
Statistically, Stanford University has proven that accountability is key. Something as simple as a phone call every couple weeks to track your progress can improve your workout results by an average of 78%. Imagine the difference made when a class and instructor expect to see you each week! Accomplishing your goals may be closer than you think.
Be a Social Butterfly
You have something in common with all of the people attending the same class as you – you’re here for a great workout! Nothing brings people together more than common ground. Making friends in your class will make you more motivated to come to the gym each week.
Let others Motivate you
Let’s face it – most people start working out regularly because they want to look and feel better. Nothing motivates you more than seeing other people’s results! It creates a challenge, and shows you that goals can be accomplished.
Have Fun
A group setting lightens the mood and makes working out less intimidating. Going into a gym with a lot of “complicated” looking equipment can make you feel uneasy about trying new things and branching out. In a group setting, everyone is in it together while an instructor guides you through carefully thought out workouts. At Mei Fitness, the group classes are free and included with your membership. Simply show up to your desired class and get started!
At our Fishers location, we offer: yoga, spin, bootcamp, totalfit, pilates and tabata classes. Our website has the current class schedule so you can figure out which courses would work best for you.
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