Skip the Fair Food and Get to the Good Stuff

It’s that time of year again – the state fair. The greasy fried foods topped with powdered sugar are hard to turn down, but fear not because there are plenty of healthier alternatives to choose from.
Consider this: One tray of fried Oreos (5 cookies) can skyrocket you to about 890 calories. Included with that comes 947 mg of sodium and 48.1g of fat.
Stay strong! Progress takes time and consistency.
If you’re going to the fair try these alternatives instead:
• Corn on the cob – 155 calories, 4 g of fat
• Frozen chocolate dipped banana – 304 calories, 17g fat
• Fried pickle spear – one pickle spear only has 50 calories and 1 g of fat
Your goals are definitely achievable even with a little leeway! So go out and enjoy time with your friends and family while staying on track. Knowledge of healthy alternatives is critical in creating a healthy lifestyle. Balance is key, so don’t beat yourself up over a few lost calories, choose to be smart where those calories come from.
The nutritional value of your food choices plays a key role in successful dieting. It is beneficial to supplement a healthy diet with exercise. Per recommendation of the American Heart Association, to maintain a well balanced lifestyle adults should get “At least 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity 5 times per week.” If healthy eating and exercising on a regular basis is something you constantly struggle with, joining a gym or signing up for personal training might be a great option for you.
Aside from personal training, at Mei fitness we offer group classes as well as a virtual class option called Fitness On Demand. This feature allows you to have access to an instructor guiding you through a workout at any time of the day. Since we are a 24 hour facility, getting in shape has never been easier.
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